Calories and Nutrients

Red Thai curry

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Red Thai curry recipe from Blog "Is Dinner Nearly Ready Yet" (
Ingredients Quantities Calories
Spices, curry powder 1 tbsp (≈6g) 20 kcal
Squash, winter, butternut, raw 1 cup, (≈140g) 63 kcal
Mushrooms, white, raw 200 g 44 kcal
Nuts, coconut cream, canned, sweetened 400 g 1.428 kcal
Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw 100 g 18 kcal
Onions, spring or scallions (includes tops and bulb), raw 3 medi (≈45g) 14 kcal
Noodles, egg, dry, unenriched 300 g 1.152 kcal
Recipe for 4 servings Total recipe Per serving Daily Value
Calories 2.740kcal 685kcal 34,2%
Fat 81g 20g 28,8%
Carbohydrate 460g 115g 42,6%
Protein 57g 14g 28,6%