Calories and Nutrients

Gazpacho (Cold Spanish tomato soup)

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Gazpacho, a cold Spanish tomato soup. A refreshing low calories summer meal. Easy and fast preparation. From
Ingredients Quantities Calories
Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw 1.000 g 180 kcal
Garlic, raw 1 clov (≈3g) 4 kcal
Peppers, sweet, red, raw 1 medi (≈119g) 37 kcal
Bread, wheat 100 g 266 kcal
Oil, olive, salad or cooking 8 tabl (≈108g) 955 kcal
Salt, table 1 tsp (≈6g) 0 kcal
Vinegar, distilled 1 tbsp (≈15g) 3 kcal
Recipe for 6 servings Total recipe Per serving Daily Value
Calories 1.445kcal 241kcal 12,0%
Fat 114g 19g 27,1%
Carbohydrate 95g 16g 5,8%
Protein 21g 4g 7,0%